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4. Process

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4. Process


First of all, your organisation needs to register on our website.

Organisations usually assign a contact person to register the organisation and to place orders for analyses. To register, click on the ‘Register your organisation’ link, which will open up an online registration form. In addition to basic information about your organisation, you are asked to fill in your personal contact details so that our customer service team can contact you if necessary. You will also be asked to choose a username and password for yourself as well as for the survey participants. You should keep your username and password in a safe place, as they allow you to order new analyses and to monitor the progress of ongoing surveys as well as to edit your organisation’s details and change usernames and passwords, for example.

Ordering analyses

Once you have completed the registration, an administrator window will pop up. To get to the administrator window on subsequent visits to the site, click on ‘Sign in’ and enter your username and password.

To order an internal or external assessment, click on ‘Order an analysis’. You can also activate external and internal surveys at the same time, as you can set different usernames for internal and external respondents. You cannot, however, have two internal surveys active at the same time; these must be conducted consecutively. When ordering external assessments, please specify your respondent groups and the number of participating organisations.

Remember to also enter the internal departments under ‘Departments’ when ordering surveys. You must specify at least one department, i.e. if you do not wish to categorise your organisations’ results per department, just enter ‘Entire organisation’.

Once you have placed your order, please wait for our confirmation.

Conducting the survey

Once we have confirmed your order, you can begin to invite people to take part in the survey. In most cases invitations are sent by e-mail. At least the following information should be included in the invitation:

  • The address of the website www.innovaatiomittaus.fiand a link to the ‘Sign in’ page
  • The required username and password
  • The date by which responses should be submitted.

The following are samples of the kinds of invitations that organisations can e-mail to respondents. If using these samples, remember to fill in the details of your organisation as well as the required usernames and passwords.

Sample invitation to suppliers
Sample invitation to customers
Sample invitation to the organisation’s own management and other key staff

Copies of invitations for external surveys should be submitted to our system administrator at Certificates can only be issued if a copy of the invitation is submitted to us.

Monitoring progress

The administrator window includes a link called ‘Monitor progress’, which shows the number of people who have already responded to any ongoing surveys. This is a useful tool for monitoring the progress of your surveys. For example, you can issue reminders if the survey deadline is approaching and the quota has not yet been met.

Closing the survey

Once the survey deadline has passed and enough people have answered the survey, you can close the survey on the ‘Monitor progress’ page. Once the survey has been closed, no more responses can be entered into the database and the respondents’ usernames and passwords no longer work. This is when we can begin to compile your results.