Today, all businesses and public organisations are networked either as customers, service providers or subcontractors. Our analysis model allows businesses and public organisations to systematically boost their productivity and to manage their network collaboration more efficiently. Organisations’ sourcing efficiency and partnership skills as well as their networking capability and ability to produce customer solutions play a key role in analysing their innovation and collaboration abilities.

  • Our analysis model is scientifically proven and it has produced excellent results in practice.
  • Our benchmark database includes responses from more than 20,000 individuals and 250 organisations.
  • The results of the analysis correlate strongly with an increase in organisations’ productivity.
  • The model is industry-independent and it is the leading solution in its field worldwide.

The assessment can be carried out in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Spanish, Russian and French at the same time. This allows global organisations to get results from around the world in one go. The responses are compiled into an organisation-specific report, which compares the experiences of service providers and customers with the views of the organisation’s own staff. The comparison reveals how the organisation ranks amongst others included in the database. The analysis is used as a basis for formulating tangible suggestions that will help the organisation to target development efforts on the most crucial areas. For more information, take a look at the experiences of others who have used the model.

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