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1. Quick test analysis

Answer the following questions. They will help you to find out how important being able to innovate and collaborate is for your organisation. The quick test analysis will also allow you to assess how well the model suits your needs.

Please enter your personal details first. Then answer the questions, and when you are finished, click on the ‘GET QUICK TEST ANALYSIS’ button. You will receive your results by e-mail shortly after, and the results will also be displayed on your computer screen. The quick test analysis also allows our customer service team to help you choose the best innovation analysis model for your organisation.

Personal details

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Boosting our productivity is important to our organisation.
We need new practices in order to realise our future objectives.
We want to identify our organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in different areas of innovation ability.
We are interested in benchmark information on our organisation’s ability to innovate in relation to other organisations.
Expertise and learning as well as the development of these attributes are important to our organisation.
We would like to link our staff’s skills and creativity more strongly to our organisation’s development.
We believe that developing collaboration within our organisation is important.
Our organisation should be able to reinvent itself faster in order to boost our productivity and competitiveness.
We want to improve our management skills and organisation in order for them to support the formulation of innovative solutions.
We consider our staff an important source of innovation.
It is important for us to be able to collaborate productively with our service providers.
Sourcing skills are an important success factor for our organisation.
We would like to be able to make use of more innovative sourcing and earning models in order to boost our competitiveness.
We would like to make our requests for quotes and contract models more innovative to encourage our service providers to engage in deeper collaboration with us.
Developing our partnership network with our service providers is important to our organisation.
Networking and developing our networking skills is important for our future.
We would like to complement our traditional criteria for choosing suppliers and partners.
We consider our suppliers an important source of innovation.
We would like our collaboration with our customers to be based on better interaction.
We want to base our collaboration with our customers on partnerships and to develop new solutions together with them.
We consider it important to know our customers’ goals in order to support their success.
It is important for us to be able to develop our expertise to the best benefit of our customers.
We consider it important that our services are continuously being updated and that they offer competitive solutions to our customers’ needs.
We consider our customers an important source of innovation.